Further reading

The following references have all been mentioned somewhere in this website and are recommended for further reading, with a brief comment after each one.

Altrichter, H., Posch, P. and Somekh, B. (1993). Teachers investigate their work. London. Routledge.
The reference text we use about action research, with each stage of the cycle set out clearly and with activities to support development.

British Educational Research Association (BERA) (2004). Revised ethical guidelines for educational research, Southwell, UK, BERA. Also available from www.bera.ac.uk.
There will be the equivalent of these in each country.

Brown, L. (2005). Purposes, metacommenting and basic-level categories: parallels between teaching mathematics and learning to teach mathematics. Paper presented at the 15th ICMI Study Conference. Retrieved July 21, 2006, from http://stwww.weizmann.ac.il/G-math/ICMI/log_in.html
The notion of ‘purposes’ guides our work with teachers.

Coles, A. (2013). Being alongside: for the teaching and learning of mathematics. Sense Publishers: Rotterdam.
Part of this book sets out the idea of ‘heightened listening’ and goes in to more detail about using video with teachers.

Gattegno, C. (1974). The common sense of teaching mathematics. New York: Educational Solutions.
Gattegno’s ideas are a root of many ideas on this website and influenced the OU method of working on video.

Jaworski, B. (1990). Video as a tool for teachers’ professional development. Professional development in education, 16(1), 60-65.
This, for us, is the seminal text in relation to working on video with teachers.

Jewitt, C. (2012). An introduction to using video for research. National Centre for Research Methods Working Paper, MODE node. London: Institute of Education,
From a non-mathematics background, this paper sets out key dimensions to guide decision-making.

Maher, C., Laudis, J. and Palius, M. (2010). Teachers attending to students’ reasoning: using videos as tools. Journal of Mathematics Education, 3(2), 1-24
An alternative to the way of working with video on this website is described here.

Mason, J. (1996). Personal enquiry: Moving from concern towards research. In (Monograph R) ME822 Researching Mathematics Classrooms. Milton Keynes: The Open University.
Mason influenced the Open University work with video and the paradigm of ‘noticing’ fits well with the way of working described in this website.

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