Ways of working

There is increasing interest in the power of making use of video recordings of lessons as a tool for teacher development. Watching oneself teach is often painful at first but can support profound reflection and change.

However, there is a lot of evidence that it is not easy to make good use of video. When we watch a video we often react emotionally and judge what we see. When this happens it can make it hard to learn from the experience.

On the linked pages below, we share what we have learnt about making effective use of video. Each page includes resources and practical guidance.

Setting things up – this page has suggestions of how we set up commitment to participation in a video club

Reconstruction phase – the essence of this way of working is to begin by focusing on the detail of events, to move discussion out of a judgmental space

Analysis phase – only after time dwelling in the detail of events, is there a move to analyse what took place

Video recording classrooms – we offer some advice on practicalities

Supporting further development – we frame our work with video clubs within the context of Action Research


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