Analysis phase

Having worked hard on reconstructing what took place on the video, a second phase can then be set up by the facilitator. In this phase of discussion, interpretations are encouraged of what the teacher is doing, for example, or what teaching strategies were observed. The teacher on the clip will usually not contribute during this phase and the facilitator can write down ideas on a flipchart.

At this stage, the facilitator can simply list the ideas coming from the group and perhaps push for further detail.

In this clip, a teacher suggests that the approach everyone had just seen ‘reduced misconceptions’ and Alf pushes her to explain how.

It may be that it would be useful to describe a teaching strategy in a more general manner than is offered. It may also be that, having got to a general description, there can then be a gathering of further strategies linked to that general idea. As facilitator, there is a need to remain sensitive to what kind of a comment is being made (a ‘heightened listening’) and try to get descriptions at a level of generality that allows the collection of further ideas (i.e., relevant to a range of new teaching situations). In this clip, Alf recognises a teacher’s comment as being one at slightly higher level of generality and invites further discussion.


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